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Trapper Trails Council Scoutmaster Honored at 2009 National BSA Meetings

Elton Sutherland was selected by the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America from a large list of nominees as one of 17 "Distinguished Scoutmasters". Elton and his wife Kathy were honored at the National Meetings held in Orlando, Florida held in 2009.

Elton started as an Assistant Scoutmaster with troop 17 (Chartered with Our Savior's Lutheran Church) in 1996. He became the Scoutmaster 6 months later and held that position for 13 years. Meanwhile, he has served as District Committee member, on numerous training staffs including Wood Badge, and is currently the District Food Drive coordinator. He has received the District Award of Merit, Scoutmaster Award of Merit, and is a Silver Beaver recipient. Recently, Elton helped in the formation of a Venture Crew through Our Savior's Lutheran Church and serves as Crew Assistant Advisor.

Elton takes every Scout request seriously and prayerfully. If the Unit, District, or Council asks Elton to help with something, his first consideration is how Scouts can be better served if he takes on the task. He seeks out opportunities for youth in the co-ed crew he works with to serve and to grow. He has spent 14 years encouraging new Scouts and Eagle Scouts.

He has touched lives of youth, parents, and other Leaders in significant ways.

Elton enjoys scouting and the people it has led him to know. Who can ask for better people to be friends with than Scouters?

Congratulations to Elton Sutherland for receiving the prestigious honor as one of 17 NATIONALLY recognized Scoutmasters to receive the Distinguished Scoutmaster Award.

2010 Philmont Training Center Schedule Announced

Ever had the desire to attend the Philmont Training Center? This is your year! Follow the link to find out more information about course dates and pricing. Do not miss the opportunity to attend state-of-the art training.

Go to:

Have You Heard About Kodiak?

The Kodiak Venturing leadership course is unique in that it is offered in an exciting and challenging atmosphere using whatever high-adventure resources you have available. Your crew or council could offer a course backpacking or rafting down a river away from your council or in your local area. Kodiak teaches leadership skills in a fun way that is internalized by the Venturers who take the course. In other words, it is a challenging high-adventure trek with a simple and fun leadership course included. Kodiak is not taught indoors or in a classroom; it is done completely outdoors using nature’s examples of leadership.
It is …
1. Fun!
2. Relevant to each participant’s life.
3. Internalized by participants.
4. Based on nature.
5. Based on the servant leader concept.
6. Course Methods

It is taught by two instructors (one adult and one youth if possible) in an "instructor team."

Only five skills are taught. They are called "commissions." The five commissions are:
1. Effective Teams
2. Values/Vision
3. Communications
4. Decision Making
5. Planning

It is based on symbolism using the Kodiak bear. Commissions are introduced with a hands-on exercise followed by a short presentation, then reinforced with one or more exercises. It uses constant reinforcement. It creates an older teen leadership fraternity.

Check out more about Kodiak at:

Effective January 4, 2010. . .

Trapper Trails Council recently announced personnel changes affecting several districts in the council, effective Monday, January 4, 2010.

Kim Hardcastle will serve as District Executive for the Lakeview district
Gary Weeks will serve as District Executive for the Mt. Ogden district
Graham Allen will serve as District Executive for the Island View district
Tom Hunsaker will serve as a Exploring Executive seeking new partnerships with groups and organizations throughout the council to sponsor Exploring units.

Please refer any questions to Director of Field Service Michael Jenkins at 801-479-5460.

Council Announces the Hiring of New District Executive

The Trapper Trails Council, Boy Scouts of America recently hired Graham Allen to serve as a District Executive for the Island View District. The Island View District annually serves more than 2,500 registered youth and 1,000 volunteer leaders in Sunset, Clinton, West Point and Clearfield.

Allen started work for the Trapper Trails Council November 2nd. He is responsible to oversee District program development, youth recruitment and involvement, Unit leadership training and District fundraising. Additionally, Allen has been assigned to direct the Council’s local Cub-day camp, Camp Fife, located outside of Tremonton.

“We are excited to have Graham join our team,” Michael Marchese, Trapper Trails Council’s CEO and Executive Director of Scouting said. “His professional skills, personal drive and motivational energy move people and accomplish tasks that benefit boys and volunteers.”

Prior to working for the Trapper Trails Council, Allen worked as a Public Relations professional.

Allen recently graduated from Weber State University where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication.

We welcome Graham to the Trapper Trails Council team! Expect GREAT things from him. He brings charisma and talent to serve you!

100 year Celebration Activity #1: 100 year Birthday Dinner

Be honest with yourself . . . the kid in you LOVES birthday parties. The first official centennial celebration activity will be a birthday bash fit only for a centenarian! The 100-year birthday party will not only serve as the kick-off to the year-long celebration, but will be an event never to be forgotten!

The setting for the event will be at the eclectic Eccles Conference Center in downtown Ogden. Phenomenal displays, entertainment from local musician Jon Schmidt, outstanding guest speakers Tico Perez (BSA National Commissioner) and Utah Governor Gary Herbert, flag ceremonies, and an elegant dinner will all be a part of the evening.

What would a Scouting event be without singing? You will not want to miss the gathering of 700+ Civic, Community, Religious, and Scouting leaders singing “Happy Birthday” to an organization deserving of such recognition!

There could be no better way to celebrate – with scouting friends old and new! Talk to your friends, neighbors, and family members. MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS EARLY! Tickets for this event will be available December 1, 2009, and will not last long!

Who participates: Adults old and new, young or old!

Location: George S. Eccles Conference Center
2415 Washington Blvd. Ogden, UT 84401

Date: Friday, February 12, 2010

Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Cost: $30.00/person

Registration: Online at

Leave A Legacy – Centennial Awards Requirements: Fulfills elective Character Award

Trapper Trails Council Now on Facebook

The Trapper Trails Council proudly announces that it now has a page on Facebook. We encourage ALL members (adult and youth) of the council to become a "fan" of the Trapper Trails Council to receive frequent information and updates on the happenings, events, and news of the BSA and the Trapper Trails Council. Information will also be posted on the council blog; but in the event of 21st century communication facebook is a great way for the council to communicate with you!

Check the council out on Facebook! Become a "fan" today!

Council Order of the Arrow Lodge Awaxxaawe Awachia Leadership Changes Announced

Ken Jeppesen, local volunteer and vigil member of the Order of the Arrow has been selected to serve as the next lodge advisor for the council's Order of the Arrow lodge. Ken will succeed Dennis Stockberger, who has served as Lodge Advisor since 2007. Ken grew up in the Cache Valley, and now lives in Davis County. He brings with him a wealth of leadership experience and knowledge to lead the Order of the Arrow Lodge to the next step. We are excited to welcome Ken to this new position. Ken has most recently served as Section Advisor for the Order of the Arrow, a position he has held for nearly 3 years.

Appreciation is expressed to Dennis Stockberger for his leadership to the Lodge for the last several years.

Ken's appointment will be in effect at the 2010 Founders Festival in February. For more details about the order of the arrow, how to join, and when key dates for the lodge are, visit the lodge website at:

2010 Patch Program Available in Council Service Centers on January 4, 2010

As a part of the 2010 Celebration, the 2010 "Leave A Legacy" Puzzle Patch program was introduced to unit, district, and council leadership at the October 2009 Council All-Hands conference. The puzzle patch set is a six piece patch set that seeks to engage youth and adults in the centennial celebration of the Boy Scouts of America in the Trapper Trails Council.

There will be a lot of fun memories made in Scouting in 2010. This year of celebration will afford the once-in-a –lifetime opportunity for all who participate to fulfill the vision of the centennial theme: celebrating the adventure, continuing the journey.

The centennial patch awards program has been carefully designed to augment the theme;

Every unit should participate in the 2010 centennial patch awards program! The patch program is a puzzle patch, made up of 6 segment patches that when put together complete a meaningful, larger patch. A picture of the patch and requirements can be accessed from at the centennial website


The purpose of completing this patch will help Scout units by:
Increasing participation
Encouraging trained unit leaders
Teaching scouting ideals
Building group unity
Teaching boys to serve others.

Throughout 2010, it is hoped that unit leaders will take the opportunity to talk about 3 things:
1. The five individuals credited for playing a major role in the development of the Boy Scouts of America: William D. Boyce, Ernest Seton Thompson, Daniel Carter Beard, James E. West, and Lord Robert Baden-Powell. Brief Descriptions of the lives of these five men are found at the centennial website in the 2010 award patch program section.
2. The five ideals listed on the patches: Character, Leadership, Service, Outdoors (Respect for, and participation in), and Achievement.
3. What it means to Leave a Legacy.

Acquiring Patches:

There will be no formal way of certifying completion of requirements; it has been structured to be “on my honor.” Patch segments are available for purchase after January 1, 2010 at all council service centers.

The cost is $1.00 for each segment ($6.00 for each set).


Available at council service centers or online at at the centennial website

Group Makes Art Presentation to Trapper Trails Council

The Century of Values tour team made a stop at the Trapper Trails Council headquarters on October 15, 2009 as a part of their nationwide tour of all 300+ councils in the United States of America. The Century of Values tour originated in Detroit, Michigan.

The 30 minute presentation was concluded by presenting a numbered copy of the a commissioned piece of art work to the Trapper Trails Council. Mike Marchese, council Scout Executive accepted the artwork from the Century of Values team for the Trapper Trails Council.

The brief presentation was accompanied by an impressive Motor Home which was decorated with Scouting logos and pictures.

The presented piece of artwork hangs in the Ogden Service Center foyer. Copies of the artwork will soon hang in the Green River Trading Post and at the Boyd and Merlene Ivie Service Center in Logan. Check it the next time you are in the one of the service centers.

Why not make Bike the Bear One of your Scout Units MUST DO Activities of 2010?

2009 was a record year for annual Bike the Bear event held at Camp Hunt in Garden City! Nearly 700 Scouts and leaders rode around Bear Lake; up from 500 the year before. Why not make the 2010 event a part your year.

The event will begin at Camp Hunt on August 13, 2010 with a spaghetti dinner. Several hundred Scouts and leaders will camp at Hunt in preparation for an early start the next morning. The "official" ride will begin early on Saturday with hundreds of Scouts and leaders lined up to start at 7:30. In addition to Scouts and leaders, there will be cyclists participate in the event as a part of their training for larger events like LOTOJA, which is held 2 weeks after Bike the Bear. The ride around Bear Lake is fully supported with rest stations every ten miles. The Order of the Arrow provides key logistical support for the event.

Biking around Bear Lake proves to be an easy way to complete the 50 mile leg of the cycling merit badge. In addition, the weather is perfect for a jont around the lake; and let face it, the scenery is wonderful.

For 2010, Bike the Bear is one of six major events set to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of Scouting. Visit for more details and information regarding Bike the Bear in 2010!

Scout Troop Enjoys Memorable Trip Across The Pond

By Stu Parkinson, Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop One, Logan, Utah

Troop 1 Leaders & Scouts visit the birthplace of scouting - Brownsea Island

Boy Scout Troop One from Logan, Utah (Sponsored by the Logan Lions Club-Old Ephraim District) arrived July 17 in London, England to participate in their fifth international scouting exchange since 1996 with scouts from Ashford, Kent, England. The 2009 scouting exchange was scheduled from July 16-August 10, and involved six scouts and three adult leaders from Troop One; Scoutmaster Tom Hogan, and Assistant Scoutmasters Randy Martin and Nicholas Major.
Before departing for the United Kingdom, I planned with Assistant Scoutmaster Randy Martin to develop a news blog, so that relatives of those scouts and leaders going to England could keep up to date with their daily activities. In reality, this news blog turned out to be so much more. Cache Valley radio station KVNU-AM updated their listening audience on a regular basis of the noteworthy activities Troop One was involved in, via the news blog Randy and I had developed.
Presently, plans are in the works to have Troop One host fourteen leaders and scouts from Ashford, Kent, UK in the summer of 2010. Troop One host families will provide accommodations for our English friends, and will take them on excursions in the northern Utah area. Other plans involve taking English and Troop One scouts and leaders to a Trapper Trails Council summer camp, along with a week-long visit to the Jackson Hole, Wyoming and the surrounding area.
Rather than go into detail in this article of Troop One’s remarkable exploits during their nearly one month stay in the United Kingdom, I shall simply let you readers visit the online news blog, and read for yourselves about the incredible journey these nine scouters were fortunate to experience.

Wood Badge A Memory Maker For ALL!

By Brian Hall

Do you remember what it was like when you were in Cub Scouts or when you were in Boy Scouts? Many of us have fond memories of our experiences in scouting as a youth; however, as leaders we sometimes forget just what it was like to be part of that pack or troop. The Wood Badge training course offers adult leaders the unique experience of being part of that pack and patrol once again. The fifth course of the year concluded in September and was a positive experience for the 53 participants and volunteer staff.

Wood Badge consists of a variety of activities to help adult leaders learn the skills that are necessary to make the youth we serve into great leaders. During the sixth day of course lessons in the area of communication, listening, diversity, and group-development are taught and many others. A highlight of each course is the conservation project that is planned and carried out by the various patrols involved in the course.

Wood Badge is a valuable training for any leader involved in the shaping our young people through the scouting movement. Each year 8 Wood Badge courses are offered by the Trapper Trails Council. Contact the council at (801) 479-5460 office to take part in this wonderful training.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baden-Powell University Set for September 19, 2009

If you have not had a chance to register for Baden-Powell University; now is time to do so!

A complete list of classes and activities as well as online registration is available at www.trappertrails .org. Simply click on the BP-U icon to get started!

For questions regarding Baden-Powell University, please call your local Scout service center or talk to your District Executive.

3rd Annual Bike-the-Bear Ride Hailed A Success

By: Nelson Palmer, Bike-the Bear Chairman

At 6am the music blaring for a camp alarm clock from Jason Eborn's Mustang. It was a great mix of scout and bike culture. The Bike-the-Bear day had begun!

We had over 400 riders. We had expected about 250. We ran out of T-Shirts and had to take orders. Some of the scouts ended up with large shirts. There were 100’s of stories worth telling from it. There were a lot of great volunteers, especially the Order of the Arrow chapter from the Old Juniper District, the Bridgerland Amatuer Radio Club, and others...

Kory Pitcher of Joyride Bikes in Logan was a great support on the course. He brought his wife and son who rode the course. Kory took his daughter in the truck and they drove around the lake and helped those in need. He handed out water and water bottles. He helped with some flat tires, minor adjustments and a few other things.

There was a family that had several young kids that rode around. The 5 and 8 year old kids rode around the lake. The father rode a dual type bike with one of the kids. The mother came in with a trailer and a 2 year old.

One young man rode the full 50 mile course on a hand driven bike; for the 3rd year in a row with his father! Others from his family also rode.

Another rider, a cancer survivor, her husband and others from their family rode the route. She had recently learned to ride a multispeed bike. Her bike was at least 40 years old, but in very good running condition.

One man visiting from New York saw a poster and decided to support the Scouts and walked into the lodge to signup. He rented a bike and rode around the lake for the ride. He was so excited when he finished that he spent almost an hour helping direct traffic at the end!

These area few of the many positive stories that have come out of this years Bike-the Bear ride.

There were mountain bikes, BMX bikes, new carbon fiber bikes, old steel bikes, super market bikes and professional bikes and more there. The people riding were from ages 5 to into their 70’s. Scouts and non-scout youth, Scouters and non-scouters, friends of friends, strong cyclists and first time riders all joined together. It was awesome!

What a great day and event!

Do not miss out on this unique opportunity in 2010. The Bike-the-Bear ride will be an official 100 year celebration activity as a part of the centennial celebration of the Boy Scouts of America in 2010. Details and other information will be available at For questions related to Bike-the-Bear, contact Jason Eborn at 801-479-5460 or by emailing him at

Monday, June 15, 2009

Doing A Good Turn Daily. . .For 100 years

Most of you know about Scouting For Food. It is an annual Good Turn Activity - and something that has a huge impact on the community you live in! Scouts from every corner of the Trapper Trails Council participate, and have done so for a very long time.

While looking through some old pictures, I was mesmerized by the following pictures: The first is a picture of Scouts in Clarkston, Utah decorating graves during a 1925 Decoration Day (Now called Memorial Day) celebration. The Second is a 1942 shot of Scouts from the Logan LDS 5th ward participating in an aluminum collection drive. This activity was done for several years during World War II as a way to help the war effort.

It is nice to know, that for almost 100 years, Boy Scouts have answered the call, done their "good turn" and helped our Nation - from Aluminum collection to Beet picking to Scouting for Food drives -- and a whole lot more!

Thanks to the wonderful generations of leaders who have provided such opportunities for generations of young men! Thanks to generations of young men who have answered the call: Do a good turn daily!

Baden-Powell University 2009

Baden-Powell University has been scheudled for September 19, 2009 at Weber High School.

What is Baden-Powell University?: A fun day of supplemental training for ALL ADULT VOLUNTEER LEADERS. Class are offered for Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity, and Venture leaders.

What Can I Expect From Baden-Powell University?: The day’s program is designed to provide ideas and resources to benefit your Pack, Troop, Team, and Crew. At BP-U, you can expect: encouragement through networking with other leaders, enthusiasm, fresh ideas, and quality training!

What Else Should I Know?: Hand-picked, qualified instructors will offer classes in a variety of subjects that will help you understand your role and function in the Scouting program. You have the opportunity to select classes that will benefit you.

University Schedule:

Registration Begins: 7:30 AM
Opening Ceremony: 8:30 AM
Class Sessions:
A: 9:00 AM—9:50 AM
B: 9:55 AM—10:45 AM
C: 10:50 AM—11:40 AM
D: 11:45 AM—12:30 PM
Lunch: 12:30 PM—1:25 PM
E: 1:30 PM—2:15 PM
F: 2:20 PM—3:10 PM

How Can You Register?: register in one of the following ways:

  • In person at your local service center

  • Mail your registration for to: Trapper Trails Council 1200 E. 5400 S. Ogden, UT 84404

  • Online at

  • In person at the university

Contact your local service center for more details about Baden-Powell University. Do not miss out on this wonderful supplemental training experience.

Trapper Trails Council Unveils its 100 year Celebration Logo

You are going to see a lot of this logo in 2010. . .

In conjunction with the 2010 - 100 year celebration of the Boy Scouts of America, the Trapper Trails Council has created a logo that will be used as a part of all camping and program activities throughout 2010.

The official kick-off to the 2010 celebration year will be on October 11, 2009. Information will be available to unit leaders beginning at roundtables and at in September 2009. A lot of information will be coming, so plan to look for this information as you anticipate September. . .

Nominate a Scouter to the National Hall of Leadership Today!

Has a Scout, leader, or other Scouting volunteer made a significant difference at some time in your life, or the life of others, by the extraordinary service they have given and the Scouting virtues they have modeled?

Nominate them to the BSA 100th Anniversary Hall of Leadership!

The BSA 100th Anniversary National Hall of Leadership provides a one-time opportunity for you to honor and recognize a Scouting leader who positively impacted your life, or the lives of others. To be nominated, a person must be a living Scout or Scouting volunteer who may or may not be officially registered with the BSA. They must have served as an active Scout or Scouting volunteer for at least one year. A nominee may be young or old — there is no age limit — and you can submit as many nominations as you'd like.

Access online registration by using the link at or put this link into your web browser:
The nomination period is open for one year, from February 8, 2009 to February 8, 2010. One inductee will be selected from each local BSA council in the country along with one from the national office. Inductees will be announced at the BSA National Annual Meeting in Dallas in May 2010.

Annual "Bike the Bear" Activity Coming Up

The 3rd annual "Bike the Bear" activity is quickly approaching. It will be held at Camp Hunt on August 22, 2009 (August 21 - 22, 2009 if you plan to camp overnight with your Scout unit).

This event is fully supported with bicycle mechanics and rest stops about every 10 miles of the 50-mile loop trip around beautiful Bear Lake, to re-fuel and make sure all have a great experience!.

The 50 mile and 100 mile divisions begin and end at Camp Hunt, located on the west shore of Bear Lake in Garden City, Utah. Overnight camping will be available at Camp Hunt for Scout units who would like to participate in the pre-event festivities, such as a pasta dinner before the ride.

The Event Schedule is as Follows:

Friday: August 21
4-8 Friday Night sign in
6-8pm Friday Night Pasta Dinner

Saturday: August 22
6:30-7:45am Saturday sign-in
7am: 100 mile start time
7:15am: First 50 mile start time
8am: Last start time
2:30pm: End of Road support by Council

For a registration, click on the following link:

With questions, please contact Jason at the council office at 801-479-5460.

Do not miss out on this great event!

FYI. . .Training Updates

Training Updates
June 2009

Selected councils will pilot required training for direct-contact leaders in 2010. Plans are in development to require training for all direct-contact leaders in 2011. Councils should prepare to make training more readily available and to expand their training teams.

The national Web site,, has been redesigned and will soon be much more user friendly. To get to training information, click on Volunteer, then Training, and you will see the new and improved training resource page.

This Is Scouting is now up and running. It is a six-module training course that can be completed in about an hour. It replaces New Leader Essentials. It is now available on DVD. The catalog number is 36118, and it retails for $9.99. The training code is WAO1. New Leader Essentials should now be discontinued.

The National Office had slightly over 50,000 completed training courses on the Online Training Center during the month of February and slightly over 80,000 completed training courses in March.

A new supplemental training courses now online include Interfaith Worship, Bullying, Leave No Trace, and Disc Golf. These courses can be downloaded to be used as a course outline or they can be a self-study. More new courses are in development.

The Trainer’s Edge course, which replaces Trainer Development is specifically intended for training Wood Badge and NYLT staff and is a daylong course that is focused on platform skills. The syllabus can be downloaded by going to

The Philmont Training Center will offer a wide range of training courses in 2009. A complete list of the courses is on Registration can be completed on The password is “waite.”

Hazardous Weather training is on the Online Learning Center. As of January 1, 2009, it became required to be completed by at least one person in a unit for the unit to receive a tour permit.
ScoutParent Unit Coordinator Fast Start is now on available online. For each unit to participate in the ScoutParents program, they must designate a ScoutParent unit coordinator who will coordinate parent involvement in unit activities.

As of January 1, 2009, the tour permit also requires at least one person to have completed Youth Protection Training within the past two years. BALOO does not have a two-year shelf life.
Two other new training courses are now available online. Both Trek Safely (S76) and Climb On Safely (S74) are available for Scouters to complete. Both of these courses have a two-year shelf life.

A Kodiak mountain trek for Venturing youth and older Boy Scouts will be offered this summer at Philmont Scout Ranch the week of July 26-Aug. 1. Registration is handled through The password is “waite.” Family members can attend a training course at the training center while their youth are hiking the trek.

The centennial edition (12th) of the Boy Scout Handbook will be available in August 2009. It will feature a mixture of parts of many of the early handbooks with a 21st century flair. The handbook features chapters on Leadership and Leave No Trace, which both are firsts. There will be a supplemental 100-year timeline book with the first printing and a mini-book with the rank requirements that is pocket size. A Web site will provide in-depth information on many subjects.
Training courses that require people to be re certified include BSA Lifeguard (three years), Paddle Craft Safety (three years), Swimming & Water Rescue (three years), Climb On Safely (two years), Trek Safely (two years), Safe Swim Defense (two years), Safety Afloat (two years), Camp Visitation (two years), Chainsaw Safety (two years), and National Camp School (five camping seasons).

A new resource of information that you may not be aware of is now available on

COR fast start training is in development and will soon be available online.

The Florida National High Adventure Sea Base will be the site of a Volunteer Development Training Conference the week of Jan. 18-23, 2010. Courses to be offered will be Strictly for Scoutmasters, Strictly for Cubmasters, Advancement Policy and Procedures, Webelos to First Class, Geo cache and Scouting, and Administration of Venturing. Additional information and registration is available on

Annual Varsity Scout Rendezvous A Success!

By Reese Gregory

So how did the Varsity Scout Mountain Man Rendezvous turn out this last weekend (June 4th - 6th)? Well, let me tell ya’…

I pulled into camp just before sunset. The first thing I noticed was the old canvas tents and period lean-tos in the staff camp area. When I got a little closer I noticed the leather leggings and cotton shirts with deer antler buttons, bone and brass beads, fox skin head dresses, moccasins, powder horns and hand-made knives of all sorts and sizes. So I think to myself, “These guys are really into this stuff!”

Then Brock Benson, the Booshway (rendezvous leader), and I went around to visit the Varsity Team campsites. Right away I regretted my first mistake—I had already eaten dinner before visiting the campsites. As we wound around the columns of smoke and Dutch ovens we realized that nearly every campsite was just finishing up their dinner and had offerings for us. We sampled Dutch oven potatoes, barbecued chicken with a bit of an Australian barbeque twist, t-bone steaks with an incredible marinade seasoning, and the traditional tin foil dinners, each with their own creative touch. We even came across a Dutch oven chocolate cake laced with fresh blackberries and blueberries. The cook was whisking up home-made whipped cream as we spoke. Just as with the old Mt. Man rendezvous, these guys each brought with them the ideas, customs and techniques from wherever they had come. Again I thinks, “These guys are good!”

Many of the Team coaches commented on the prime location. Camp Fife is beautiful this time of year. With the extra rain we’ve had this Spring, the Bear River was high and everything was lush and green. We watched a few pelicans fishing on the river, a bald eagle swoop down and make his catch, and deer grazing on the hillside. There’s something fundamentally rejuvenating about being in a setting like this.

Friday morning started about 6:00 a.m. with breakfast and a flag ceremony, then on to the games. The day was spent in Mt. Man activities such as black powder rifle shooting, archery, knife and ‘hawk throwing, scrimshaw (carving on bone), cabor tossing, fire building without matches, trap setting, and in true Mt. Man fashion, a nap or two here and there during an occasional, quickly passing thunderstorm. We capped off the day with a Mt. Man feast of beef stew cooked over the open fire in a huge cast-iron cauldron, followed by a traditional trading blanket and a campfire program. The day’s events, followed by a hearty, hot stew—a perfect recipe for a peaceful night’s sleep. A little rain and a big train, but I think we expected that.

Saturday was the final event, the Coulter Run. Each team made the rounds to each of the events they had practiced the day before in a timed race, scoring extra points for marksmanship, accuracy and distance, etc. I was amazed at how much the boys had learned in these stations. Most teams were able to complete the run in less than 15 minutes! That’s with 7 events, most of which these boys had never before done until they came to this camp! There was a quick awards assembly with prizes for the winners, including Dutch ovens, a big yellow water cooler, knives and camping equipment.

Speaking of which, we need to thank those who donated and/or gave us a break on prizes and some of the materials needed for the Rendezvous: IFA, Ace Hardware, R&R Hardware and Kent’s Market in Tremonton. Smith and Edwards has supported us this year and in the past with knives and equipment. Thanks to Brock Benson and a terrific staff for putting on the event! And thanks to all the Varsity Team coaches for taking time from their families and bringing their boys to this event. Plans are already in the works for next year’s Varsity Scout Mt. Man Rendezvous. We look to have the location, date, and rough details in place by September. Keep an eye on for details!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

2009 Ogden Area Scout-o-rama held at Fort Buenaventura

The 2009 Ogden area Scout-o-rama was held at Fort Buenaventura on May 15-16. Nearly 2,000 Scouts and adult leaders attended an event organized and executed by phenomenal committee of volunteers.

Highlights of this years Scout-o-rama included:

  • kayaks, canoes, and row boats
  • rifle range
  • archery range
  • tomahawk range
  • Apache helicopter
  • blacksmith

Many units participated by having a booth at the event. Old or young, fun was had all! Special thanks to Paul Bissell, 2009 Scout-o-rama chairman and his amazing committee for arranging for and executing a well planned and organized Scouting event!

Thanks to all units who participated with a booth, or set up something like a Monkey Bridge for other to participate in.

In addition, units were able to camp inside of the park, whereas in previous years, troops had been asked to camp outside of the park. This was a pleasant change for many this year.

In 2010, the Scout-o-rama will be a council-wide event. As a part of the centennial of the Boy Scouts of America, the council will be hosting a Jamborall at the Weber County Fairgrounds and Golden Spike events center next year. A more detailed schedule of events and dates will be announced in June.

Your unit should plan on attending this top-class event!

Camp Hunt: A True Jewel for Scouting

By Josh Haacke

We all have favorites. We have a favorite flavor of ice cream, favorite color, time of year, and etc. Most Scout leaders have a favorite Scout camp. For me, my favorite is Camp Hunt.
Having served as the camp director for a number of years, I have heard a lot said about Camp Hunt - good and bad. The busy highway is always the biggest complaint, but the water is the biggest complement. Year in and year out, I have witnessed the camp filling to capacity with eager young Scouts, despite the busy road. Camp Hunt has served them well!
I learned early on that Scout camps are not Scout camps without wonderful staff members and willing youth to learn and be taught. Despite the busy road that Camp Hunt sits on or even the lake it sits next too, the heart of Camp Hunt are the generations of wonderful people who have helped to make it a Scout camp - youth and adult!

Camping at Hunt is different. No whispering pines and quaking aspens there! Camp Hunt is a beach camp. . .and the campsites are closer together. In total, only 13-14 acres make up the camp. compare this to the 400+ acres that make up Camp Bartlett. Yet, Camp Hunt has been able to offer everything that other camps like Bartlett offer.

What separates Camp Hunt from the rest of the summer camps is Bear Lake. No other Scout camp in the Trapper Trails council has a waterfront quite like the one at Hunt. Nestled on the west shore of Bear Lake about 1 mile from the Utah/Idaho state line is a jewel of a camp: Camp Hunt. For nearly 75 years (Camp Hunt will celebrate 75 years as an official Scout camp in 2010), tens of thousands of Scouts have experienced summer camp at Hunt. Since the early days of the Scouting movement, Camp Hunt and Bear Lake has served the Scout youth of Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. Note below the simple portrait captured in 1918 of a Scout troop on Bear Lake.

If you have never been to Camp Hunt, you should go! If you have been before, go again! Either way, you will not be disappointed by what greets you: a magical experience!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Wilderness First Aid Course Completed

The Trapper Trails Council conducted its first Wilderness First Aid Course on April 18th and 25th. Doctors Norm Bos and Chuck Bean attended the Philmont Training Center in the Fall of 2008 and became certified to conduct the course. They recruited 10 other physicians, dentists and other medical professionals to help teach subjects that covered a wide-variety of medical emergencies that can arise in the back country.

34 students learned the basic principles of assessing medical problems, providing treatment and deciding if patients needed to be evacuated for further emergency treatment.
The course lasted 16 hours over two Saturdays and was hosted by The Tanner Clinic in Layton, Utah. Because of the personal expertise of the presenters, the instruction was interesting and informative. The class was even visited by a couple of “Docs” skilled in providing treatment out in the “sticks”.
After the success of this pilot course, we are planning on offering other courses. Please watch the council web page and flyers at roundtables for information on other opportunities to participate.
If anyone is interested in going to Philmont and being trained to conduct this training, please contact Josh at 801-479-5460. We would especially like others in the medical profession to provide these trainings in different areas of the council—making wilderness first aid training available to more Scouters who are leading groups into the back country.

Monday, May 11, 2009

James E. West Fellowship Honor Given To Council Volunteer

On May 8, 2009, the Trapper Trails Council presented the James E. West fellowship award to local council volunteer Herschel Hester. Herschel is a dedicated Scout leader, representing the Catholic church tirelessly on the council relationships committee.

The James E. West fellowship award is is an National BSA Endowment recognition award. Encouraging gifts that endow local Scouting is one of the best ways to ensure that the council can continue to offer outstanding programs while growing to meet the needs of the youth and communities it serves. The West Fellowship award is available for gifts of $1,000.00 and up in cash or marketable securities to the council endowment fund. The gift must be in addition to - and not replace or diminish - the donor's annual support of Friends of Scouting.

James E. West was the first Chief Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America, and he served in that position for more than three decades. If an institution is truly "the lengthened shadow of one man," it is more than fitting the the BSA honor James E. West's contributions to Scouting in such a significant way.

Thanks to Herschel for his efforts; and congratulations to him in receiving this honor.

Rare Venturing Youth Leader Award Bestowed Upon Local Venture

At the Executive Board Dinner held on May 8, 2009, the Trapper Trails Council recognized Cade Walker for his superior achievements in the Venturing Program. Cade is a member of Crew 427, based out of Tremonton, Utah.

The VENTURING LEADERSHIP AWARD recognizes Venture youth and adults who have shown exceptional dedication and given outstanding leadership and service to Venturing while exemplifying the Venturing Code. The award is presented in 3 categories: Council, Regional, National.

Cade has performed his duties in an exemplary manner. He has demonstrated outstanding leadership skills, selfless dedication, and steadfast determination to spreading Venturing throughout the community. His ability and devotion reflect great credit upon him, his parents, the Trapper Trails Council, and the Boy Scouts of America.

In addition to the Venturing Leadership Award, Cade has also earned the Religious Life Bronze Award, and Venturing Gold Award. He is close to earning the highest award in Venturing, the Silver Award.

The Trapper Trails Council is honored to present the Council Venturing Leadership to Cade, and congratulate him on this honor.

Annual Scout Night At The Ball Park Announced

Scouting and baseball - two American legends will come together on July 10, 2009.

Scout units are encouraged to register early for this year's Scout Night with the Ogden Raptors! During the game, participants will enjoy hot dogs and drinks and on-field activities. After the game, Scouts will be able to get player's autographs, run the bases, and camp overnight on Lindquist Field. Participants will enjoy watching Disney's "The Sandlot" on the big screen - a fitting tribute to the spirit of inner-city youth and baseball.

Register now! Tickets range from $11-$13.50. Sign-up at your local Scout Service Center; registration ends on July 3.

To download a registration form, go to and click on the "Ogden Raptors Scout Night at the ball park" link

For questions, contact Jeremy at 801.475.7497 or

See you there!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Powder What?

POWDERHORN. What is it? It is a high octane training designed to help adult leaders safely conduct outdoor activities of a fun and challenging nature. It provides an introduction to the recourses needed to successfully lead their youth through a program of outdoor adventure. This course is based upon the Ranger requirements giving participants an exposure to some outdoor/high adventure activities and not a certification event. Even though the course is based upon the Ranger program, it is still useful for any adult involved in delivering a unit-level high adventure program.
Learning Objectives
After completing the Powder Horn course, you can expect the following outcomes:
Ø Introduction to the skills necessary to operate their outdoor program and the various certifications necessary and how to obtain those certifications
Ø Knowledge of how to identify local resources and consultants for high adventure activities
Ø Detailed knowledge of the Ranger Award and associated Silver Award requirements.
Ø Knowledge of the health and safety requirements of the Boy Scouts of America as they apply to outdoor programs.
Ø Knowledge of the rules and regulations of the Boy Scouts of America as they apply to outdoor programs

Come and give Powder Horn a try! This year's course runs from June 29-July 4 at Camp Bartlett. It is an awesome training expereince. With questions regarding Powder Horn, contact your local council service center.

Camp Keisel: A Versatile Camp For Nearly 90 Years

Camp Kiesel is a magical place nestled at the bottom of a steep canyon about 25 miles east of Ogden, Utah. Originally established as a resident Boy Scout camp, Kiesel has served the Cub Scouts for most of its existence. For over 80 years, Camp Keisel has served Scouting youth!

Last year, Camp Keisel served nearly 12,000 Cub Scout youth and just over 1,400 Cub Scout units, not to mention the large number of Scout troops, Varsity teams, and Venture crews who used the facility for an overnight camp or winter camp experience.

Because of its proximity to civilization, facilities, and set-up, Camp Kiesel hosts multiple adult leader trainings on an annual basis.With the combination of the natural beauty of the mountains that surround the camp, the canyons that make up the camp, and nearby Causey reservoir Camp Kiesel also serves as an ideal training facility.

Regardless of your reason in coming to Camp Kiesel, you will not be disappointed by the experience that will greet you: a meshing of the grand history and bright future of Scouting.

2009 Camp Season Preparations Underway

The huge task of making the 2009 season a success has been underway for nearly a year now. Staff selections and training has taken place, program materials have been checked, repaired, cleaned or replaced, and projects at several of the council camps are well under way. These are all in preparation for the upcoming camp season, which begins in a little less than one month.

This week, a crew from the Trapper Trails council went to Camp Hunt to begin the replacement of the floor in the lodge kitchen. For any who have seen the the Camp Hunt kitchen floor can attest to the fact that it has been in desperate need of replacement. Thanks to a generous donation, the old tile floor will be replaced with a new ceramic tile floor this next week. In order to be prepared for the new floor, all of the kitchen appliances had to be removed, and the old floor had to be torn out.
After several hours of heavy labor, the old kitchen floor was removed, making way for the new floor.

Other major camp projects include: a new water system at Camp Keisel, new state of the art drain field at Camp Bartlett, and the fort upgrade at Camp Fife. All of the council camps are in need of the time of generous individuals (time and/or money) to help with ongoing projects to make our council camps even better!

For more information on helping at any of the Trapper Trails Council camp facilities, please contact Bill at 801-479-5460.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another Trapper Trails Council Scout Quoted in Boy's Life Magazine

Congratulations to Bruce Studman of Cove, UT (Cache Valley) for making it into the May edition of Boys Life Magazine.

We are glad he has leaders who provide him with opportunities to snowshoe, and snowcave!

Kudos to any willing to brave the wilds of winter camping! Hats go off to you.

Proof Scouts Really Do Care About Boy's Life Magazine!

Finally, physical proof that Boy's Life magazine really has been appreciated in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming for many year! Several days ago, a Trapper Trails Council staff member was sifting through old photographs in preparation for the upcoming 100 year celebration of Scouting and came across this wonderful old picture of troop 11 (River Heights LDS 1st Ward) taken in 1917. What are the boys reading? Boys Life magazine.

To explain a little further, the Trapper Trails Council boasts one of the lowest percentages of subscribing youth to Boy's Life Magazine in the nation. There are a flurry of reasons, but the predominant reason is that parents of youth are often not asked to subscribe.

Boy's Life magazine is a wonderful addition to the cadre of things young learners can read. The articles are generally wholesome, fun-filled, and educational. If you have not already, consider signing your Scout up for Boy's Life Magazine! You will not be disappointed. Otherwise, enjoy looking at this classic picture of day since past. Over the next 8 months, old pictures will be posted in preparation for the celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America.

To subscribe to Boy's Life magazine, contact your Chartered Representative, Unit Commissioner, or call Sheila at the council office (801-479-5460).

Trapper Trails Proudly Recognizes Support Staff Members

The members of support staff of the Trapper Trails Council were honored this past week as a part of Administrative Professionals Day, which was last Thursday.

You may or may not recognize the dedicated work support staff team does to help you provide the best service to you to help you in making your Scout unit(s) successful. Each support staff member brings with them a long list of talent and personality that makes our offices wonderful places to visit (and work). These wonderful support staff members work long hours and do a lot of "behind-the-scenes" things that help the office, production, camps, registration, programs, data entry and advancements go smoothly. Without their work, the office would be consistently overloaded with essential tasks to be completed. With the Trapper Trails Council support staff members we are blessed with, the Trapper Trails Council does A LOT extremely efficiently. Well deserved credit goes to these faithful employees who work very hard to be professional and successful. Thanks to each of member of the support staff for their efforts!

The next time you come into one of the Council Offices, remember to thank the wonderful members of the support staff who diligently work hard to make your experience at the office a pleasant one.

Annual Council Wide Varsity Games a Success!

One of the best kept secrets of Scouting is the Varsity program! The best of Varsity Scouting was witnessed today at the Varsity Games, held at the Pleasant View LDS stake center, near Weber High School. Nearly 30 teams of boys participated in a wide range of "Olympic" style activities.

The Varsity games is skill based competition with a wide range of activities that challenge the mind as well as the body. Varsity team members could be found competing in activities such as: music, art, "general knowledge," running, long jump, sit-ups, push-ups, and the standing long jump just to name a few.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals were presented to participating youth in over 30 categories!

In addition to the council sponsored games, the Elk Horn district held Varsity Games for 20 teams in the Cache Valley. Another well planned event for the benefit of Varsity age youth structured very similar to the Council sponsored games! The Varsity games is not a new activity. It has been around as long as Varsity Scouting has existed.

Special thanks to Paul Hulet, Games Chairman and to Calvin Carlson for their organizing this spectacular event. Thanks to the nearly 30 volunteers who helped to staff events and mediate the games.

Plan on getting your team involved in 2010! Dates for the 2010 Varsity Games will be announced in September of this year. For more information regarding Varsity Scouting or the Varsity Games, call your local Scout service center.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ogden Area Risk Management Training Concludes As A Success

Scout leaders from the Ogden area convened at the Ogden BSA office on Saturday, April 18. From 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM. Leaders were instructed on the basics of program planning, budgeting, tour permits, and the principles of Leave No Trace. Specific break-out sessions included an overview course of First Aid, and certification courses in Climb on Safely, Trek Safely, Safe Swim Defense, Safety Afloat, Chain Saw Safety, and Inclement weather.

Risk Management training was organized by the Trapper Trails Council in 2008. The purpose of this training is to use it as an avenue to instruct and educate leaders of Venture Crews, Varsity Teams, and Boy Scout Troops on specified topics as a way to help units conduct, from beginning to end, a success and SAFE High Adventure Trek.

There is no cost for this training. Leaders can also participate in the on line version of all certification courses at the MYSCOUTING website.

Another Risk Management Training has been scheduled for this Saturday, April 25, 2009 in the Cache Valley. The training will be held from 9:00 AM -1:00 PM at the Wellsville Tabernacle.

Questions? Contact Josh at 801-479-5460

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Den Chief Conference A Success

On April 11, the Trapper Trails Council sponsored a Den Chief Conference, and it was awesome!!! It was great fun to see the Den Chiefs that were in attendance learn about how to do their job and to also come to understand how important it was.

Liz Miller, Council Cub Scout Training Chairman said, “I laughed really hard to see the Den Chiefs racing the leaders that were there in the crab walk relay. I have never seen anyone crab walk that fast. The Den Chiefs were awesome at it. The leaders that participated did it in true Cub Scout Style they, ‘Did their Best!’”

Seasoned Den Leaders know the value of a Den Chief! A Den Chief is a youth leader, a “helper” who comes to den meeting. He usually is a member of a Boy Scout Troop. As a Den Chief, he is responsible for the following:
· Knowing the purposes of Cub Scouting
· Helping boys achieve the purposes of Cub Scouting
· Being the activities assistant in den meetings
· Setting a good example through attitude and uniforming
· Taking part in weekly den meetings
· Assists the den in its part of the monthly pack program
· Being a friend to the boys in the den
· Meeting as needed with adult leaders
Simply put, a Den Chief is a valuable (and most often unknown or unused) resource for you Cub Scout Pack.

Do not know how to get a Den Chief for your den? Talk to your Chartered Organization Representative or contact Liz Miller at

The Trapper Trails Council will be holding another conference on December 5, 2009 in the Cache Valley Area. Please let everyone know and come and join us in a morning of learning, fun and games.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Final 22 Silver Beaver Awards Presented at Ceremony in Cache Valley

22 of 56 recipients of the prestigious Silver Beaver award were formally presented this award on Friday, April 10, 2009 at a ceremony attended by nearly 300 people. Scout spirit was alive and well at the evening! The awards ceremony was followed by a reception where the recipients were congratulated by friends and family. The other 34 Silver Beaver recipients were recognized at a ceremony held on April 3, 2009 at Northridge High School in Davis county.

Between the 56 Silver Beaver recipients this year, nearly 1,400 collective years of service has been rendered to the youth of the Trapper Trails Council.

The Trapper Trails Council extends sincere congratulations and appreciation to these recipients for their tireless service to the youth of the council.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Leader Essentials Training Replaced with "This Is Scouting"

Effective April 1, 2009, New Leader's Essential training has been replaced by a new on-line training called: "This Is Scouting". Leaders can access this online training 2 ways:

A. Go to
B. Click on MYSCOUTING at the top of the home page
C. If you have an account already set-up, log-in. Otherwise you will need to set up your personal account.
D. Click on the E-LEARNING link.
E. Click on the training you are going to take.

A.Go to
B. Click on the TRAINING link on the left side of the page.
C. Click on the NEW LEADERS link.
D. Click on THIS IS SCOUTING LINK at the top of the page
E. Click on MYSCOUTING at the top of the page.
F. If you have an account already set-up, log-in. Otherwise, you will need to set up your personal account.
G. Click on the E-LEARNING link.
H. Click on the training you are going to take.

Please contact the council office for help or with questions.

Want to Attend Philmont? Register Online!

Attending a training session at Philmont is the opportunity of a lifetime! Philmont has introduced online registration for all of its courses.

Registering online is easy. To register online, follow these easy directions:
1. Go to the “myscouting” log on screen
a. If you have not created an account, you will need to do so. OR
b. Go into existing account
Whether or not you creating an account or going into an existing account, you will need:
· the council number (589) and
· your membership ID # (on your membership ID card or call your
local Trapper Trails Council office to obtain)
2. Sign-In
3. Click on “Event Reservations” (You can also view a list of training courses and dates for the
current year)
4. Click on “Philmont Training Center”
5. Click on “Training Center Registration”
6. Enter the following password: waite (all lower case)
7. Fill out the required information.

Need help or have questions? Contact your local Trapper Trails Council Service Center, or go to

Valid Choice for a Unit Fundraiser:

it seems that as each year passes, more and more Americans are turning to the Internet as a tool to purchase commodities of life.

The Boy Scouts of America has had a long standing relationship with Trails End popcorn as a fundraising option for Scout units. Trails End popcorn has recently stepped up efforts to help Scout units sell popcorn through the web site:

Ordering popcorn online is an easy alternative for Scouts selling popcorn, units managing popcorn, and patrons purchasing popcorn. For Scouts to sell popcorn online the process is easy! Scouts only need to receive a key code for patrons to enter into the order popcorn system, and then email and/or call their friends/family to ask them to go to the website and purchase popcorn product. Unit leaders only need to work with the Scout office to gain key codes for their youth selling. Patrons simply order what they want, pay online, and the product is shipped to them directly from the factory. In other words, there is no money collection, popcorn delivery, or other time consuming fundraising related effort other than selling!

In order to receive funds generated from online popcorn sales, units must register with the council. For more information regarding, contact Josh at 801-479-5460.

Council Announces 2010 Jamboree Shoulder Strip Patch Fundraiser

The Trapper Trails Council is proud to announce the 2010 National Jamboree Shoulder Strip fundraiser. All funds raised from the sale of Jamboree Shoulder Strips will benefit youth travelling to the 2010 National Jamboree at Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia.

The shoulder strips for the National Jamboree reflect the theme of the Trapper Trails Council.

150 Limited edition, numbered shoulder strips with the jacket center patch and Order of the Arrow flap/chevron are available for purchase at any of the council service centers for $150.00 FOR THE SET. Set are moving quickly, so collectors will not want to wait to get the set!

Unnumbered sets (includes 8 Jamboree Shoulder Strips and Jacket Center Patch) are available for $100.00/set.

A single jamboree shoulder strip is available for $10.00/ea.

Contact your local Trapper Trails Council office for more details on the purchase of these patches.

Thank you for supporting the Youth participating in the 2010 National Jamboree.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Catholic Community Services Expresses Gratitude for Scouting For Food Donations

Thanks again for the efforts of the thousands of young men and leaders who made Scouting For Food successful! Here is an example of one expression of thanks from a local food pantry who benefited from the efforts of March 28, 2009:

2 Local Boy Scouts Recognized in April Edition of Boys Life Magazine

Congratulations to Braden W., member of troop 592 - Kays LDS Ward, who submitted a great idea to Boys Life magazine - and won $10.00 for it!

Also congratulations go out to Devon S., member troop 75 - United Methodist Church, for submitting a joke to Boys Life Magazine -- and getting it published. he also won $10.00 for his entry. Exciting time for these young Men! Good Work!

Trapper Trails Council Announces Hiring of New Scout Executive

On April 1, 2009 Michael Marchese was selected as the new Scout Executive for the Trapper Trails Council.

Mike describes himself as an enthusiastic Scout, husband and father. He became a Boy Scout in Sacramento, California in 1978. He then moved to and grew up on the Oregon Coast in Brookings, Oregon with his family. He was also a Boy Scout in the Oregon Trail Council, he would eventually be employed.

His Professional Scouting career began in Coos Bay, Oregon, as District Executive where he served the lower third of the Oregon coast. He was promoted to District Director in Eugene, Oregon. Served as Camp Director on the Oregon Coast from 1995-1998 and is a brotherhood member of the Order of Arrow.

Mike became Assistant Scout Executive of the Oregon Trail Council in May 1998.
He was then promoted to Idaho in November 2002 after his selection as Director of Field Service for Grand Teton Council.

In April 2006, Mike and his family relocated to Gilbert, Arizona when he was promoted to Director of Field Service and Chief Operating Officer for Grand Canyon Council. Mike has been tasked with guiding 24 Executive Field Staff members who support 20,500 volunteers, 22 Districts, the Friends of Scouting campaign, Membership and Commissioner Service, as well as legal and fiscal controls.

Mike and his wife Cherylann, have a daughter, Katie, age 8, and son Christian 6.

He is Wood Badge trained and served on staff in 2003 as a Troop Guide.
Mike served at the 2005 National Jamboree and plans to serve in 2010 as the Administration Chief, for Western Region, BSA.

Mike graduated from the University of Oregon, with a degree in Political Science.
He enjoys restoring classic cars, which have included a 1959 Cadillac and1968 GT/CS Mustang. He likes everything outdoors; hiking, camping, golf and more.

He is eager to begin serving with the wonderful volunteers and staff of the Trapper Trails Council.
The hiring of Mike fills the vacancy left by former Scout Executive Rick Barnes who left in February to assume a new position with the Great Salt Lake Council. Mike will assume his new responsibility on May 1, 2009.

A special welcome to Michael Marchese and his family! We look forward to Mike's leadership to the Trapper Trails Council family.

Silver Beaver Awards Bestowed Upon 34 of 56 Recipients

The Silver Beaver Recognition evening for the Ogden area concluded on Friday, April 3, 2009 with 34 of 56 recipients receiving their award.

Northridge High School provided a perfect setting for the recognition of these 34 recipients. The evening was highlighted by a musical performance by Heidi Bowden, a beautiful flute solo of familiar songs and hymns. Jerry Bowden served as master of ceremonies. Dave Wadman, council president, spoke to the recipients and guests. Dave related the history of the Silver Beaver award.

First awarded in 1931, the Silver Beaver award is the highest award granted by the council to volunteers for their excellent and devoted service to the Scouting movement. This year, over 1,400 collective years were represented with an average of 25 years of service from each of the 56 recipients.

Congratulations to these 56 recipients. Special thanks to them for their unwavering service to Scouting. We are honored by your devotion to the youth of the Scouting movement. The remaining 22 recipients will be honored at a special evening in Cache Valley on April 10, 2009 (7:00 PM at 1255 North 600 East, Logan).

The First Wood Badge Course of 2009

The first Wood Badge course recently concluded at Camp Kiesel. The course was conducted the second and fourth weekends of March. It was a winter wonderland setting for the 50 participants. The camp received a fresh 12” of snow the night before the second half began allowing the staff and participants to put into practice the team building skills that had been explained and demonstrated the first weekend. All were able to make it Back to Gilwell and complete the course.

The experience was enjoyed by all and was considered by many to be a life-changing experience. Jared Olschewski, who served as the course director, commented that is was as good a staff and group of participants that he has ever had the opportunity to work with in 10 years of Wood Badge experience.

Special thanks to Jared Olschewski for his devotion to the Wood Badge program in the Trapper Trails Council.

A Record Year For Scouting For Food

The 2009 Scouting For Food Drive, held on March 28, was a huge success for the Trapper Trails Council. Food was delivered to local food pantries throughout Weber, Davis, Morgan, Cache, Box Elder, and Rich Counties in Utah as well as pantries in Southeast Idaho and Southwest Wyoming.

Nearly 600,000 pounds of food was collected on what will go down in the record books as the largest and most succesful Scouting For Food Drive in council history. Nearly 10,000 Scouts and adult leaders participated in the delivery of bags, collection of food, and sorting of food at the various drop off locations.

Special thanks to the hundreds of volunteers who helped to organize and coordinate the drop off locations.

"When times are tough, people tend to be more generous," said Marcie Valdez, director of the Northern Utah Catholic Community Services. This certaintly was the case this year.

Thanks for your efforts to make a diference witht this "good turn" activity. Scouting for Food does make a difference!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Council Hosts Western Region Cub Scout National Camp School at Camp Kiesel

Cub Scout Camp Directors, program directors, and other leaders decended upon Camp Keisel from March 19-March 21 to become cretified to run Cub Scout Day Camps throughout the Western Region.

Leaders were placed through an intense training that began at 7:00 AM and concluded by 10:00 PM each day they were present. Cub Scouts and Leaders will be blessed by the camp leadership they come in contact this year. The Trapper Trails Council will be no exception to that! Several leaders attended this mandatory course from our council.

The purpose of National Camp School (NCS) is to help participants to become familiar with the National Day Camp Standards for Cub Scout Camps. Within these standards are many safety, administrative, and program standards that both camp directors and program directors should understand. Camp leadership also discusses specific ideas to help make camp programs fun, educational, successful, and safe.

Thanks to Janell Koeven, a Trapper Trails Council Scout, for serving as a staff member along with 6 other well-qualified instructors from every reach of the Western United States.

Where ever you Cub Scouts attend Day Camp this year, have confidence that they are in good hands!

Trapper Trails Council Hosts Annual Western Region Conference

On March 5-7, 2009, nearly 50 excited Varsity and Venture leaders from all parts of the Western Region of the Boy Scouts of America came together to take part in the annual Powder Horn / Kodiak Course Directors conference. This is the 2nd year that the Trapper Trails Council has hosted this event.

The purpose of the Course Directors Conference was to instruct Powder Horn and Kodiak course directors in the basics of managing and running an effective training course. The Trapper Trails Council will be hosting 4 Kodiak courses and 1 Powder Horn course in 2009.

Both Kodiak and Powder Horn are fairly new training activities.

Kodiak is youth training. It is different than NYLT, in that it is geared for an older age group. Kodiak is oriented around a high adventure trek or setting with leadership training built into the six-day program. The course prepares Venturer, Varsity Scout or older Boy Scouts to be a “servant leader” as they lead their crew, team, or troop. Servant leadership as a philosophy teaches that the leader works with and through a team to accomplish the mission. At the heart of Kodiak are 5 commissions which focus on Character development. The beauty of Kodiak is that these commissions are instilled through fun-filled high adventure activities.

Powder Horn is adult training, and is designed to help adult leaders safely conduct outdoor activities of a fun and challenging nature. It provides an introduction to the recourses needed to successfully lead their youth through a program of outdoor adventure. This course is based upon the Ranger requirements giving participants an exposure to some outdoor/high adventure activities and not a certification event. Even though the course is based upon the Ranger program, it is still useful for any adult involved in delivering a unit-level high adventure program.

Please go to for details regarding Powder Horn and Kodiak, or call your local service center for more details.

2 Trapper Trails Council Varsity Scout Earn Denali Award

Several weeks ago, Colby and kyler Wright went the extra mile by earning the Denali Award.

The Denali Award is the highest award in Varsity Scoutng. Denali is the name American Indians gave Mount McKinley in central Alaska. The Denali Award is presented to Varsity Scouts team's youth members who complete additional requirements have already earned the Varsity Scout Letter.

These two young men are led by Kevin Varble, Varsity Coach and Tom Powell, Assistant Varsity Coach. Colby and Kyler are now a part of the Venturing program with Tom Powell as their advisor.

Congratulations to these 2 young men for their efforts!

Requirements for the Denali Award are as follows:

1. Be a registered Varsity Scout team member.
2. Advance at least one rank in the Boy Scout program (or earn a Palm for those who are already Eagle Scouts).
3. Hold leadership positions in a Varsity Scout team for at least six months.
4a. While serving as team captain or program manager, act as primary leader on at least two activities. Program managers should choose activities in their the field of emphasis. Team captains may serve as primary leader any of the five fields of emphasis.
4b. While serving as program manager or team captain, demonstrate shared leadership skills in supporting roles in each of the three remaining fields of emphasis.
5. Satisfy to the team captain that you know and live by the Varsity Scout Pledge.
6. Complete a progress review by a review board that includes a district or council representative and is lead by the advancement program manager.


On March 21, 2009, 18 adult Scout leaders completed NRA Shotgun Instructor certification at the Cache Valley Shooting range. This first phase of this course actually began in February when particpants completed the NRA Basic Instructor course. The second phase, held on March 21st, was an intensive 10 hour course of classroom and range instruction. 17 of the particpants are from Golden Spike district.

Successful completion of the NRA Shotgun Instructor course allows individual Venture Crews flexiblity in participating in shooting sports events.

Additional courses will be offered this fall through the Trapper Trails Council. By 2010, a council-wide certification course will be in place and be held at a variety of locations. Stay tuned for more information.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

21 Districts = 21 Centennial QUALITY Districts

Something rare has taken place in the Trapper Trails Council. For the first time council history, all 21 districts in the council Have been designated as Centennial Quality Districts for the year 2008.

You may ask, "So What?" The reality is that this is a big deal. What it shows is the true reflection of the sincere dedication of the Hundreds of district volunteers and dedicated District Executives who work tirelessly to make Scouting happen from every corner of the council - and everywhere in between! What is says is that the leadership of each distrcit set worthy, yet lofty goals and worked hard to accomplish them.

Specific requirements for the centennial quality distrcit are as follows include unit and membership retention and growth, meeting financial goals, and quality recruitment of a strong volunteer corps.

Kudos to ALL who make the districts function! We appreciate your efforts.

William H. Spurgeon III Award Presented to Scout Leader

Charles M. Jennings, Venture crew advisor in Crew 134, Golden Spike District, was honored at the Council Annual Business dinner as a recipient of the William H. Surgeon III award. This is an honor presented in the Trapper Trails Council only 3 times in the last 8 years.
The William H. Suprgeon III Award is the highest recognition for individuals and organizations contributing significant leadership to the Exploring program. The Spurgeon Award was develped in 1971 is designed for council use to recognize men or women who have rendered outstanding leadership to the Exploring program either as an Explorer post adult leader or as a district, division, or council Exploring adult volunteer.

Congratulations to Charlie. Thanks for your efforts with the Expoloring program in the Trapper Trails Council.

4 Honored With James E. West Fellowship Award

Lorenzo "Rennie" Bott, The Reverend Neal Humphrey, David Warby, and T.J. Guinn were all honored on February 13, 2009 with the James E. West fellowship award. Congratulations and Thanks to these individuals for their dedication to the Scouting movement.

The West Fellowship honor is an National BSA Endowment recognition award. Encouraging gifts that endow local Scouting is one of the best ways to ensure that the council can continue to offer outstanding programs while growing to meet the needs of the youth and communities it serves. The West Fellowship award is available for gifts of $1,000.00 and up in cash or marketable securities to the council endowment fund. The gift must be in addition to - and not replace or diminish - the donor's annual support of Friends of Scouting.

James E. West was the first Chief Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America, and he served in that position for more than three decades. If an institution is truly "the lengthened shadow of one man," it is more than fitting the the BSA honor James E. West's contributions to Scouting in such a significant way.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Council Holds Annual Business Dinner, 2009 Officers Begin Tenure

The Trapper Trails Council annual business dinner was held on February 13, 2009 at the Davis Conference Center in Layton, Utah. The annual business dinner is the opportunity for the council nominating committee to present to the Council Executive Board and Chartered Organization Representatives the slate of council officers for the year. All board members and chartered organization representatives are invited to vote on and approve these appointments. In addition, the dinner is an opportunity to recognize adults and youth throughout the council for their outstanding service and contributions to the Trapper Trails Council.

The Order of the Arrow chapter also presented its annual report, given by Lodge Chief Charles Bouker.

Several leaders were honored for their service as council officers:

David W. Rich has faithfully served for 3 years as council president. He will continue serving adult leaders and youth of the Trapper Trails Council as Vice President - High Adventure. In addition, Dave has been asked to serve as Area President, a regional appointment that works with 7-10 councils the western United States to train, motivate, and inspire.

Also recognized for their service were the following whose terms of service on the council executive committee have expired: Reed Richards, Immediate Past President; Boyd Call, Vice President - Operations & Ogden Service Area; Chris Davis, Vice President - Administration; Brent Parkin, Vice President, Marketing; and David Phippen - Legal Counsel. Special thanks to these individuals for helping the council in so many ways. Their sacrifice of service has been appreciated.

Rick Barnes, Council Scout Executive, was also honored for his 7 years of service to the Trapper Trails Council. Rick assumed a new assignment with the Great Salt Lake Council on February 17, the first working business day after the council annual business meeting.

The following Council Executive Committee members for 2009 are:

David Wadman, Council President
Reed Summers, Council Commissioner
Bob Osmond, Council Commissioner Elect
Mike Perkins, Vice President, Operations & Ogden Field Area
Theo Thomson, Vice President, Cache Service Area
Brent Hatch, Vice President, Bridger Service Area
Jerry Toombs, Vice President, Administration
Val Radmall, Vice President, Program
Jeff Bybee, Vice President, Camping
Kenny Wright, Vice President, Marketing
Kent Jorgensen, Vice President, Scoutreach
Noel Zabriske, Vice President, Learning for Life
Ange Workman, Vice President, Membership
David W. Rich, Vice President, High Adventure
Bob Stringham, Vice President, Finance
David Knowles, Legal Counsel
Lorenzo "Rennie" Bott, Treasurer
Brett Smith, Assistant Treasurer

With the top-notch volunteer leadership recruited to lead the council in 2009 - leaders and youth can expect a banner year, filled with fun and great memories for all.

Sincere appreciation is extended to ALL leaders who serve throughout the Trapper Trails Council.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Leaders Praised at Annual Whitney M. Young Recognition Evening

Under the direction of Kent Jorgensen, Vice President, Scoutreach, the Trapper Trails Council presented the Whitney M. Young Service Award and Vale La Pena awards on February 6, 2009. The awards were presented during a dinner held on the Weber State University campus. Dr. Noel Zabriske, Superintendent - Ogden City Schools was the key note speaker for the evening festivities.

The Whitney M. Young award was created to recognize outstanding services by an adult or an organization who has demonstrated involvement in the development and implementation of Scouting opportunities for youth from rural or low-income urban backgrounds. The following recipients were honored:

Farrell Alleman, rural Scout leader and business leader;

Marsha Prantil, Senior Director of the YMCA of Greater Salt Lake – Ogden;
Ernest Stacy, rural Scout leader in Wyoming.

For the first time in council history, The Trapper Trails Council also presented the Vale la Pena! Award to five outstanding Scouters. The Scouting—Vale la Pena Service Award is used by councils to recognize Scouting volunteers, community leaders, or corporations that have had a positive impact in the service of Hispanic American/Latino youth in urban and rural communities. Congratulations to:

Francisco Carrillo, Hispanic community leader;

Andres Ramos, Young Men General Board of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints;

Rita Ramos, Trapper Trails Council Spanish Training Coordinator;

Kurt Rifleman, physician and community leader;

Alberto Vasquez, Hispanic community leader.
Congratulations to these 8 wonderful individuals. Special thanks to them for their years of decdicated hard work and effort for the youth of the Trapper Trails Council.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Mountain View District Scouts Celebrate Winter With Klondike Derby

Scouters of the Mountain View District enjoyed this year's Winter Klondike at Camp Kiesel on February 6 & 7.
The weather worked out great! Scouts enjoyed sleeping in snow caves or tents in the shadow of Fort Kiesel.
Early Saturday morning, units competed to have the fastest klondike sled. Scouts participated in a variety of events including: knot tying, rescue maneuvers, knife and tomahawk throwing, neckerchief making, and sled racing. Varsity and Venture age youth were also able to shoot muzzle loaders.
Special thanks to John and Pam Harris, and the many station coordinators who made this year's event a success!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2009 Klondike Derby Report for the Weber View District and Lakeview District


The Scouts of the Lakeview District spent a fun-filled weekend at Camp Fife on February 6-7.

Friday afternoon provided plenty of sunshine for the Scouts arriving. The clear sky Friday night brought colder temperatures and a star filled night sky. By Late Friday night there was no place to park a four wheeled carriage and its tow except along the road. Abundant campfires lit the night sky as numerous youth gathered around them. The laughter of the boys soon gave way to wooing of the owls and calls of coyotes.

Saturday morning brought rekindled fires accompanied with the aroma of good camp food. At 9:00 AM, the Scouts gathered around the flagpole for the raising of the colors and commencement of the games. The games were run by co-ed Venture Crew 17 and Crew 191. The games tested both skill and stamina as a north wind increased its intensity. Despite the bitter cold, the scouts pulled their sleds to each station, starting fires, signaling, practicing first aid and many other skills. Occasionally their sled would disappear when a claim jumper took off with it. Once the troop caught up with the claim jumper the troop answered several questions posed and the sled was returned.

As scouts returned home mothers throughout the district found satisfaction in knowing their young scout would sleep soundly that night.

Weber View

The Scouts of the Weber View District had a wonderful time at North Fork Park, the site of the 2009 district Klondike Derby. Nearly 450 Scouts and leaders took part in what was a great activity. Special thanks to District Camping Chairman Scott Hinrichs and all the volunteer staff that helped put together the activities.

Friday evening was nearly perfect as the sun set and the troops began to arrive. Many troops went up during the week and dug out their snow caves, so it was just a matter of carrying all the gear to the camp site and cooking dinner.

After a cool night of rest, the morning was bright with sunshine. As the activities started the cloud cover came over, but would not to stop the fun. Events such as the lumberjack challenge, survival fire building, blindfold target touch, were just a few that kept the Scouts busy.

The scores were turned in. . .and the winning troops will be announced at March Roundtable. Leaders, plan on being there to collect the awards.