Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another Trapper Trails Council Scout Quoted in Boy's Life Magazine

Congratulations to Bruce Studman of Cove, UT (Cache Valley) for making it into the May edition of Boys Life Magazine.

We are glad he has leaders who provide him with opportunities to snowshoe, and snowcave!

Kudos to any willing to brave the wilds of winter camping! Hats go off to you.

Proof Scouts Really Do Care About Boy's Life Magazine!

Finally, physical proof that Boy's Life magazine really has been appreciated in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming for many year! Several days ago, a Trapper Trails Council staff member was sifting through old photographs in preparation for the upcoming 100 year celebration of Scouting and came across this wonderful old picture of troop 11 (River Heights LDS 1st Ward) taken in 1917. What are the boys reading? Boys Life magazine.

To explain a little further, the Trapper Trails Council boasts one of the lowest percentages of subscribing youth to Boy's Life Magazine in the nation. There are a flurry of reasons, but the predominant reason is that parents of youth are often not asked to subscribe.

Boy's Life magazine is a wonderful addition to the cadre of things young learners can read. The articles are generally wholesome, fun-filled, and educational. If you have not already, consider signing your Scout up for Boy's Life Magazine! You will not be disappointed. Otherwise, enjoy looking at this classic picture of day since past. Over the next 8 months, old pictures will be posted in preparation for the celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America.

To subscribe to Boy's Life magazine, contact your Chartered Representative, Unit Commissioner, or call Sheila at the council office (801-479-5460).

Trapper Trails Proudly Recognizes Support Staff Members

The members of support staff of the Trapper Trails Council were honored this past week as a part of Administrative Professionals Day, which was last Thursday.

You may or may not recognize the dedicated work support staff team does to help you provide the best service to you to help you in making your Scout unit(s) successful. Each support staff member brings with them a long list of talent and personality that makes our offices wonderful places to visit (and work). These wonderful support staff members work long hours and do a lot of "behind-the-scenes" things that help the office, production, camps, registration, programs, data entry and advancements go smoothly. Without their work, the office would be consistently overloaded with essential tasks to be completed. With the Trapper Trails Council support staff members we are blessed with, the Trapper Trails Council does A LOT extremely efficiently. Well deserved credit goes to these faithful employees who work very hard to be professional and successful. Thanks to each of member of the support staff for their efforts!

The next time you come into one of the Council Offices, remember to thank the wonderful members of the support staff who diligently work hard to make your experience at the office a pleasant one.

Annual Council Wide Varsity Games a Success!

One of the best kept secrets of Scouting is the Varsity program! The best of Varsity Scouting was witnessed today at the Varsity Games, held at the Pleasant View LDS stake center, near Weber High School. Nearly 30 teams of boys participated in a wide range of "Olympic" style activities.

The Varsity games is skill based competition with a wide range of activities that challenge the mind as well as the body. Varsity team members could be found competing in activities such as: music, art, "general knowledge," running, long jump, sit-ups, push-ups, and the standing long jump just to name a few.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals were presented to participating youth in over 30 categories!

In addition to the council sponsored games, the Elk Horn district held Varsity Games for 20 teams in the Cache Valley. Another well planned event for the benefit of Varsity age youth structured very similar to the Council sponsored games! The Varsity games is not a new activity. It has been around as long as Varsity Scouting has existed.

Special thanks to Paul Hulet, Games Chairman and to Calvin Carlson for their organizing this spectacular event. Thanks to the nearly 30 volunteers who helped to staff events and mediate the games.

Plan on getting your team involved in 2010! Dates for the 2010 Varsity Games will be announced in September of this year. For more information regarding Varsity Scouting or the Varsity Games, call your local Scout service center.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ogden Area Risk Management Training Concludes As A Success

Scout leaders from the Ogden area convened at the Ogden BSA office on Saturday, April 18. From 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM. Leaders were instructed on the basics of program planning, budgeting, tour permits, and the principles of Leave No Trace. Specific break-out sessions included an overview course of First Aid, and certification courses in Climb on Safely, Trek Safely, Safe Swim Defense, Safety Afloat, Chain Saw Safety, and Inclement weather.

Risk Management training was organized by the Trapper Trails Council in 2008. The purpose of this training is to use it as an avenue to instruct and educate leaders of Venture Crews, Varsity Teams, and Boy Scout Troops on specified topics as a way to help units conduct, from beginning to end, a success and SAFE High Adventure Trek.

There is no cost for this training. Leaders can also participate in the on line version of all certification courses at the MYSCOUTING website.

Another Risk Management Training has been scheduled for this Saturday, April 25, 2009 in the Cache Valley. The training will be held from 9:00 AM -1:00 PM at the Wellsville Tabernacle.

Questions? Contact Josh at 801-479-5460

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Den Chief Conference A Success

On April 11, the Trapper Trails Council sponsored a Den Chief Conference, and it was awesome!!! It was great fun to see the Den Chiefs that were in attendance learn about how to do their job and to also come to understand how important it was.

Liz Miller, Council Cub Scout Training Chairman said, “I laughed really hard to see the Den Chiefs racing the leaders that were there in the crab walk relay. I have never seen anyone crab walk that fast. The Den Chiefs were awesome at it. The leaders that participated did it in true Cub Scout Style they, ‘Did their Best!’”

Seasoned Den Leaders know the value of a Den Chief! A Den Chief is a youth leader, a “helper” who comes to den meeting. He usually is a member of a Boy Scout Troop. As a Den Chief, he is responsible for the following:
· Knowing the purposes of Cub Scouting
· Helping boys achieve the purposes of Cub Scouting
· Being the activities assistant in den meetings
· Setting a good example through attitude and uniforming
· Taking part in weekly den meetings
· Assists the den in its part of the monthly pack program
· Being a friend to the boys in the den
· Meeting as needed with adult leaders
Simply put, a Den Chief is a valuable (and most often unknown or unused) resource for you Cub Scout Pack.

Do not know how to get a Den Chief for your den? Talk to your Chartered Organization Representative or contact Liz Miller at

The Trapper Trails Council will be holding another conference on December 5, 2009 in the Cache Valley Area. Please let everyone know and come and join us in a morning of learning, fun and games.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Final 22 Silver Beaver Awards Presented at Ceremony in Cache Valley

22 of 56 recipients of the prestigious Silver Beaver award were formally presented this award on Friday, April 10, 2009 at a ceremony attended by nearly 300 people. Scout spirit was alive and well at the evening! The awards ceremony was followed by a reception where the recipients were congratulated by friends and family. The other 34 Silver Beaver recipients were recognized at a ceremony held on April 3, 2009 at Northridge High School in Davis county.

Between the 56 Silver Beaver recipients this year, nearly 1,400 collective years of service has been rendered to the youth of the Trapper Trails Council.

The Trapper Trails Council extends sincere congratulations and appreciation to these recipients for their tireless service to the youth of the council.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Leader Essentials Training Replaced with "This Is Scouting"

Effective April 1, 2009, New Leader's Essential training has been replaced by a new on-line training called: "This Is Scouting". Leaders can access this online training 2 ways:

A. Go to
B. Click on MYSCOUTING at the top of the home page
C. If you have an account already set-up, log-in. Otherwise you will need to set up your personal account.
D. Click on the E-LEARNING link.
E. Click on the training you are going to take.

A.Go to
B. Click on the TRAINING link on the left side of the page.
C. Click on the NEW LEADERS link.
D. Click on THIS IS SCOUTING LINK at the top of the page
E. Click on MYSCOUTING at the top of the page.
F. If you have an account already set-up, log-in. Otherwise, you will need to set up your personal account.
G. Click on the E-LEARNING link.
H. Click on the training you are going to take.

Please contact the council office for help or with questions.

Want to Attend Philmont? Register Online!

Attending a training session at Philmont is the opportunity of a lifetime! Philmont has introduced online registration for all of its courses.

Registering online is easy. To register online, follow these easy directions:
1. Go to the “myscouting” log on screen
a. If you have not created an account, you will need to do so. OR
b. Go into existing account
Whether or not you creating an account or going into an existing account, you will need:
· the council number (589) and
· your membership ID # (on your membership ID card or call your
local Trapper Trails Council office to obtain)
2. Sign-In
3. Click on “Event Reservations” (You can also view a list of training courses and dates for the
current year)
4. Click on “Philmont Training Center”
5. Click on “Training Center Registration”
6. Enter the following password: waite (all lower case)
7. Fill out the required information.

Need help or have questions? Contact your local Trapper Trails Council Service Center, or go to

Valid Choice for a Unit Fundraiser:

it seems that as each year passes, more and more Americans are turning to the Internet as a tool to purchase commodities of life.

The Boy Scouts of America has had a long standing relationship with Trails End popcorn as a fundraising option for Scout units. Trails End popcorn has recently stepped up efforts to help Scout units sell popcorn through the web site:

Ordering popcorn online is an easy alternative for Scouts selling popcorn, units managing popcorn, and patrons purchasing popcorn. For Scouts to sell popcorn online the process is easy! Scouts only need to receive a key code for patrons to enter into the order popcorn system, and then email and/or call their friends/family to ask them to go to the website and purchase popcorn product. Unit leaders only need to work with the Scout office to gain key codes for their youth selling. Patrons simply order what they want, pay online, and the product is shipped to them directly from the factory. In other words, there is no money collection, popcorn delivery, or other time consuming fundraising related effort other than selling!

In order to receive funds generated from online popcorn sales, units must register with the council. For more information regarding, contact Josh at 801-479-5460.

Council Announces 2010 Jamboree Shoulder Strip Patch Fundraiser

The Trapper Trails Council is proud to announce the 2010 National Jamboree Shoulder Strip fundraiser. All funds raised from the sale of Jamboree Shoulder Strips will benefit youth travelling to the 2010 National Jamboree at Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia.

The shoulder strips for the National Jamboree reflect the theme of the Trapper Trails Council.

150 Limited edition, numbered shoulder strips with the jacket center patch and Order of the Arrow flap/chevron are available for purchase at any of the council service centers for $150.00 FOR THE SET. Set are moving quickly, so collectors will not want to wait to get the set!

Unnumbered sets (includes 8 Jamboree Shoulder Strips and Jacket Center Patch) are available for $100.00/set.

A single jamboree shoulder strip is available for $10.00/ea.

Contact your local Trapper Trails Council office for more details on the purchase of these patches.

Thank you for supporting the Youth participating in the 2010 National Jamboree.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Catholic Community Services Expresses Gratitude for Scouting For Food Donations

Thanks again for the efforts of the thousands of young men and leaders who made Scouting For Food successful! Here is an example of one expression of thanks from a local food pantry who benefited from the efforts of March 28, 2009:

2 Local Boy Scouts Recognized in April Edition of Boys Life Magazine

Congratulations to Braden W., member of troop 592 - Kays LDS Ward, who submitted a great idea to Boys Life magazine - and won $10.00 for it!

Also congratulations go out to Devon S., member troop 75 - United Methodist Church, for submitting a joke to Boys Life Magazine -- and getting it published. he also won $10.00 for his entry. Exciting time for these young Men! Good Work!

Trapper Trails Council Announces Hiring of New Scout Executive

On April 1, 2009 Michael Marchese was selected as the new Scout Executive for the Trapper Trails Council.

Mike describes himself as an enthusiastic Scout, husband and father. He became a Boy Scout in Sacramento, California in 1978. He then moved to and grew up on the Oregon Coast in Brookings, Oregon with his family. He was also a Boy Scout in the Oregon Trail Council, he would eventually be employed.

His Professional Scouting career began in Coos Bay, Oregon, as District Executive where he served the lower third of the Oregon coast. He was promoted to District Director in Eugene, Oregon. Served as Camp Director on the Oregon Coast from 1995-1998 and is a brotherhood member of the Order of Arrow.

Mike became Assistant Scout Executive of the Oregon Trail Council in May 1998.
He was then promoted to Idaho in November 2002 after his selection as Director of Field Service for Grand Teton Council.

In April 2006, Mike and his family relocated to Gilbert, Arizona when he was promoted to Director of Field Service and Chief Operating Officer for Grand Canyon Council. Mike has been tasked with guiding 24 Executive Field Staff members who support 20,500 volunteers, 22 Districts, the Friends of Scouting campaign, Membership and Commissioner Service, as well as legal and fiscal controls.

Mike and his wife Cherylann, have a daughter, Katie, age 8, and son Christian 6.

He is Wood Badge trained and served on staff in 2003 as a Troop Guide.
Mike served at the 2005 National Jamboree and plans to serve in 2010 as the Administration Chief, for Western Region, BSA.

Mike graduated from the University of Oregon, with a degree in Political Science.
He enjoys restoring classic cars, which have included a 1959 Cadillac and1968 GT/CS Mustang. He likes everything outdoors; hiking, camping, golf and more.

He is eager to begin serving with the wonderful volunteers and staff of the Trapper Trails Council.
The hiring of Mike fills the vacancy left by former Scout Executive Rick Barnes who left in February to assume a new position with the Great Salt Lake Council. Mike will assume his new responsibility on May 1, 2009.

A special welcome to Michael Marchese and his family! We look forward to Mike's leadership to the Trapper Trails Council family.

Silver Beaver Awards Bestowed Upon 34 of 56 Recipients

The Silver Beaver Recognition evening for the Ogden area concluded on Friday, April 3, 2009 with 34 of 56 recipients receiving their award.

Northridge High School provided a perfect setting for the recognition of these 34 recipients. The evening was highlighted by a musical performance by Heidi Bowden, a beautiful flute solo of familiar songs and hymns. Jerry Bowden served as master of ceremonies. Dave Wadman, council president, spoke to the recipients and guests. Dave related the history of the Silver Beaver award.

First awarded in 1931, the Silver Beaver award is the highest award granted by the council to volunteers for their excellent and devoted service to the Scouting movement. This year, over 1,400 collective years were represented with an average of 25 years of service from each of the 56 recipients.

Congratulations to these 56 recipients. Special thanks to them for their unwavering service to Scouting. We are honored by your devotion to the youth of the Scouting movement. The remaining 22 recipients will be honored at a special evening in Cache Valley on April 10, 2009 (7:00 PM at 1255 North 600 East, Logan).

The First Wood Badge Course of 2009

The first Wood Badge course recently concluded at Camp Kiesel. The course was conducted the second and fourth weekends of March. It was a winter wonderland setting for the 50 participants. The camp received a fresh 12” of snow the night before the second half began allowing the staff and participants to put into practice the team building skills that had been explained and demonstrated the first weekend. All were able to make it Back to Gilwell and complete the course.

The experience was enjoyed by all and was considered by many to be a life-changing experience. Jared Olschewski, who served as the course director, commented that is was as good a staff and group of participants that he has ever had the opportunity to work with in 10 years of Wood Badge experience.

Special thanks to Jared Olschewski for his devotion to the Wood Badge program in the Trapper Trails Council.

A Record Year For Scouting For Food

The 2009 Scouting For Food Drive, held on March 28, was a huge success for the Trapper Trails Council. Food was delivered to local food pantries throughout Weber, Davis, Morgan, Cache, Box Elder, and Rich Counties in Utah as well as pantries in Southeast Idaho and Southwest Wyoming.

Nearly 600,000 pounds of food was collected on what will go down in the record books as the largest and most succesful Scouting For Food Drive in council history. Nearly 10,000 Scouts and adult leaders participated in the delivery of bags, collection of food, and sorting of food at the various drop off locations.

Special thanks to the hundreds of volunteers who helped to organize and coordinate the drop off locations.

"When times are tough, people tend to be more generous," said Marcie Valdez, director of the Northern Utah Catholic Community Services. This certaintly was the case this year.

Thanks for your efforts to make a diference witht this "good turn" activity. Scouting for Food does make a difference!