Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Camp Hunt: A True Jewel for Scouting

By Josh Haacke

We all have favorites. We have a favorite flavor of ice cream, favorite color, time of year, and etc. Most Scout leaders have a favorite Scout camp. For me, my favorite is Camp Hunt.
Having served as the camp director for a number of years, I have heard a lot said about Camp Hunt - good and bad. The busy highway is always the biggest complaint, but the water is the biggest complement. Year in and year out, I have witnessed the camp filling to capacity with eager young Scouts, despite the busy road. Camp Hunt has served them well!
I learned early on that Scout camps are not Scout camps without wonderful staff members and willing youth to learn and be taught. Despite the busy road that Camp Hunt sits on or even the lake it sits next too, the heart of Camp Hunt are the generations of wonderful people who have helped to make it a Scout camp - youth and adult!

Camping at Hunt is different. No whispering pines and quaking aspens there! Camp Hunt is a beach camp. . .and the campsites are closer together. In total, only 13-14 acres make up the camp. compare this to the 400+ acres that make up Camp Bartlett. Yet, Camp Hunt has been able to offer everything that other camps like Bartlett offer.

What separates Camp Hunt from the rest of the summer camps is Bear Lake. No other Scout camp in the Trapper Trails council has a waterfront quite like the one at Hunt. Nestled on the west shore of Bear Lake about 1 mile from the Utah/Idaho state line is a jewel of a camp: Camp Hunt. For nearly 75 years (Camp Hunt will celebrate 75 years as an official Scout camp in 2010), tens of thousands of Scouts have experienced summer camp at Hunt. Since the early days of the Scouting movement, Camp Hunt and Bear Lake has served the Scout youth of Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. Note below the simple portrait captured in 1918 of a Scout troop on Bear Lake.

If you have never been to Camp Hunt, you should go! If you have been before, go again! Either way, you will not be disappointed by what greets you: a magical experience!