Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bike the Bear - Great accomplishement

4th Annual Bike the Bear proved to be a great accomplishment. Bike the Bear is a 5o mile bike ride around Bear Lake. Some of our more serious riders chose to tackle the 100 mile ride by riding around the lake twice. The event is the perfect opportunity to get in the 50 mile bike ride required for the cycling merit badge and to be part of something a little bigger than your typical 50 miler. This year we had 650 riders finish this great accomplishment. Most riders make this a two day event by staying the night at beautiful Camp Hunt and sharing a spaghetti dinner on Friday night. Then early Saturday morning the ride begins and ends in Garden City, UT.

Rest stops are set up every 10 miles where you can get food and drinks as well as take a little break to rest your legs.

Come join us next year for this spectacular event.