Thursday, February 19, 2009

21 Districts = 21 Centennial QUALITY Districts

Something rare has taken place in the Trapper Trails Council. For the first time council history, all 21 districts in the council Have been designated as Centennial Quality Districts for the year 2008.

You may ask, "So What?" The reality is that this is a big deal. What it shows is the true reflection of the sincere dedication of the Hundreds of district volunteers and dedicated District Executives who work tirelessly to make Scouting happen from every corner of the council - and everywhere in between! What is says is that the leadership of each distrcit set worthy, yet lofty goals and worked hard to accomplish them.

Specific requirements for the centennial quality distrcit are as follows include unit and membership retention and growth, meeting financial goals, and quality recruitment of a strong volunteer corps.

Kudos to ALL who make the districts function! We appreciate your efforts.

William H. Spurgeon III Award Presented to Scout Leader

Charles M. Jennings, Venture crew advisor in Crew 134, Golden Spike District, was honored at the Council Annual Business dinner as a recipient of the William H. Surgeon III award. This is an honor presented in the Trapper Trails Council only 3 times in the last 8 years.
The William H. Suprgeon III Award is the highest recognition for individuals and organizations contributing significant leadership to the Exploring program. The Spurgeon Award was develped in 1971 is designed for council use to recognize men or women who have rendered outstanding leadership to the Exploring program either as an Explorer post adult leader or as a district, division, or council Exploring adult volunteer.

Congratulations to Charlie. Thanks for your efforts with the Expoloring program in the Trapper Trails Council.

4 Honored With James E. West Fellowship Award

Lorenzo "Rennie" Bott, The Reverend Neal Humphrey, David Warby, and T.J. Guinn were all honored on February 13, 2009 with the James E. West fellowship award. Congratulations and Thanks to these individuals for their dedication to the Scouting movement.

The West Fellowship honor is an National BSA Endowment recognition award. Encouraging gifts that endow local Scouting is one of the best ways to ensure that the council can continue to offer outstanding programs while growing to meet the needs of the youth and communities it serves. The West Fellowship award is available for gifts of $1,000.00 and up in cash or marketable securities to the council endowment fund. The gift must be in addition to - and not replace or diminish - the donor's annual support of Friends of Scouting.

James E. West was the first Chief Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America, and he served in that position for more than three decades. If an institution is truly "the lengthened shadow of one man," it is more than fitting the the BSA honor James E. West's contributions to Scouting in such a significant way.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Council Holds Annual Business Dinner, 2009 Officers Begin Tenure

The Trapper Trails Council annual business dinner was held on February 13, 2009 at the Davis Conference Center in Layton, Utah. The annual business dinner is the opportunity for the council nominating committee to present to the Council Executive Board and Chartered Organization Representatives the slate of council officers for the year. All board members and chartered organization representatives are invited to vote on and approve these appointments. In addition, the dinner is an opportunity to recognize adults and youth throughout the council for their outstanding service and contributions to the Trapper Trails Council.

The Order of the Arrow chapter also presented its annual report, given by Lodge Chief Charles Bouker.

Several leaders were honored for their service as council officers:

David W. Rich has faithfully served for 3 years as council president. He will continue serving adult leaders and youth of the Trapper Trails Council as Vice President - High Adventure. In addition, Dave has been asked to serve as Area President, a regional appointment that works with 7-10 councils the western United States to train, motivate, and inspire.

Also recognized for their service were the following whose terms of service on the council executive committee have expired: Reed Richards, Immediate Past President; Boyd Call, Vice President - Operations & Ogden Service Area; Chris Davis, Vice President - Administration; Brent Parkin, Vice President, Marketing; and David Phippen - Legal Counsel. Special thanks to these individuals for helping the council in so many ways. Their sacrifice of service has been appreciated.

Rick Barnes, Council Scout Executive, was also honored for his 7 years of service to the Trapper Trails Council. Rick assumed a new assignment with the Great Salt Lake Council on February 17, the first working business day after the council annual business meeting.

The following Council Executive Committee members for 2009 are:

David Wadman, Council President
Reed Summers, Council Commissioner
Bob Osmond, Council Commissioner Elect
Mike Perkins, Vice President, Operations & Ogden Field Area
Theo Thomson, Vice President, Cache Service Area
Brent Hatch, Vice President, Bridger Service Area
Jerry Toombs, Vice President, Administration
Val Radmall, Vice President, Program
Jeff Bybee, Vice President, Camping
Kenny Wright, Vice President, Marketing
Kent Jorgensen, Vice President, Scoutreach
Noel Zabriske, Vice President, Learning for Life
Ange Workman, Vice President, Membership
David W. Rich, Vice President, High Adventure
Bob Stringham, Vice President, Finance
David Knowles, Legal Counsel
Lorenzo "Rennie" Bott, Treasurer
Brett Smith, Assistant Treasurer

With the top-notch volunteer leadership recruited to lead the council in 2009 - leaders and youth can expect a banner year, filled with fun and great memories for all.

Sincere appreciation is extended to ALL leaders who serve throughout the Trapper Trails Council.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Leaders Praised at Annual Whitney M. Young Recognition Evening

Under the direction of Kent Jorgensen, Vice President, Scoutreach, the Trapper Trails Council presented the Whitney M. Young Service Award and Vale La Pena awards on February 6, 2009. The awards were presented during a dinner held on the Weber State University campus. Dr. Noel Zabriske, Superintendent - Ogden City Schools was the key note speaker for the evening festivities.

The Whitney M. Young award was created to recognize outstanding services by an adult or an organization who has demonstrated involvement in the development and implementation of Scouting opportunities for youth from rural or low-income urban backgrounds. The following recipients were honored:

Farrell Alleman, rural Scout leader and business leader;

Marsha Prantil, Senior Director of the YMCA of Greater Salt Lake – Ogden;
Ernest Stacy, rural Scout leader in Wyoming.

For the first time in council history, The Trapper Trails Council also presented the Vale la Pena! Award to five outstanding Scouters. The Scouting—Vale la Pena Service Award is used by councils to recognize Scouting volunteers, community leaders, or corporations that have had a positive impact in the service of Hispanic American/Latino youth in urban and rural communities. Congratulations to:

Francisco Carrillo, Hispanic community leader;

Andres Ramos, Young Men General Board of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints;

Rita Ramos, Trapper Trails Council Spanish Training Coordinator;

Kurt Rifleman, physician and community leader;

Alberto Vasquez, Hispanic community leader.
Congratulations to these 8 wonderful individuals. Special thanks to them for their years of decdicated hard work and effort for the youth of the Trapper Trails Council.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Mountain View District Scouts Celebrate Winter With Klondike Derby

Scouters of the Mountain View District enjoyed this year's Winter Klondike at Camp Kiesel on February 6 & 7.
The weather worked out great! Scouts enjoyed sleeping in snow caves or tents in the shadow of Fort Kiesel.
Early Saturday morning, units competed to have the fastest klondike sled. Scouts participated in a variety of events including: knot tying, rescue maneuvers, knife and tomahawk throwing, neckerchief making, and sled racing. Varsity and Venture age youth were also able to shoot muzzle loaders.
Special thanks to John and Pam Harris, and the many station coordinators who made this year's event a success!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2009 Klondike Derby Report for the Weber View District and Lakeview District


The Scouts of the Lakeview District spent a fun-filled weekend at Camp Fife on February 6-7.

Friday afternoon provided plenty of sunshine for the Scouts arriving. The clear sky Friday night brought colder temperatures and a star filled night sky. By Late Friday night there was no place to park a four wheeled carriage and its tow except along the road. Abundant campfires lit the night sky as numerous youth gathered around them. The laughter of the boys soon gave way to wooing of the owls and calls of coyotes.

Saturday morning brought rekindled fires accompanied with the aroma of good camp food. At 9:00 AM, the Scouts gathered around the flagpole for the raising of the colors and commencement of the games. The games were run by co-ed Venture Crew 17 and Crew 191. The games tested both skill and stamina as a north wind increased its intensity. Despite the bitter cold, the scouts pulled their sleds to each station, starting fires, signaling, practicing first aid and many other skills. Occasionally their sled would disappear when a claim jumper took off with it. Once the troop caught up with the claim jumper the troop answered several questions posed and the sled was returned.

As scouts returned home mothers throughout the district found satisfaction in knowing their young scout would sleep soundly that night.

Weber View

The Scouts of the Weber View District had a wonderful time at North Fork Park, the site of the 2009 district Klondike Derby. Nearly 450 Scouts and leaders took part in what was a great activity. Special thanks to District Camping Chairman Scott Hinrichs and all the volunteer staff that helped put together the activities.

Friday evening was nearly perfect as the sun set and the troops began to arrive. Many troops went up during the week and dug out their snow caves, so it was just a matter of carrying all the gear to the camp site and cooking dinner.

After a cool night of rest, the morning was bright with sunshine. As the activities started the cloud cover came over, but would not to stop the fun. Events such as the lumberjack challenge, survival fire building, blindfold target touch, were just a few that kept the Scouts busy.

The scores were turned in. . .and the winning troops will be announced at March Roundtable. Leaders, plan on being there to collect the awards.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


It’s hard to say goodbye to all of my friends in the Trapper Trails Council! I have absolutely loved my seven years in this council. I will take many, many fond memories with me. I will sincerely miss all of you!
Even though I am leaving to become the Scout Executive of the Great Salt Lake Council I will still be a volunteer here since we are not moving from our home in Mountain Green. I am even going to camp with my home troop at Aspen Ridge this summer. I have been to all of our camps with my local units and have enjoyed every one of them. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful camping properties.
So what happens now with my position? Council President, Dave Rich, has already formed a Scout Executive selection committee made up of officers and board members of the council. Yesterday, they had the profile meeting with Scouters from the Western Region, BSA. In this meeting they determine the strengths and skills they are looking for in a new Scout Executive. The Region then matches possible candidates with these skills and will come back in a few weeks with resumes to review. The selection committee will then pick several qualified candidates and interview them several weeks later. The goal is to have my replacement on board sometime in March.
Good Scouting to everyone and maybe I will bump into you at camp this summer.

Rick Barnes
Scout Executive

Monday, February 2, 2009

2009 Silver Beaver Recipients Announced

The Trapper Trails Council is pleased to announce the Silver Beaver recognition evenings. The Silver Beaver award is the highest award presented to volunteer leaders. This year, 56 recipients will be honored at 2 locations:

April 3, 2009: Northridge High School, 2340 N. 400 W., Layton 6:30 PM
April 10, 2009: LDS Church, 1255 N. 600 E., Logan 6:30 PM

This year, 56 Siver Beaver recipents were selected from a commitee made up of prior Silver Beaver recipients. Over 120 nominations for Silver Beaver were submitted.

Congratulations to the following recipients:

David E. Bay, Bird Haven District
Jeanne Bingham, Weber View District
William C. Boer, Franklin District
Marianne Breitenbeker, Bird Haven District
Mathew Buller, Mount Ogden District
Donald Chantry, Jr., Mountain View District
NancyChristiansen, Golden Spike District
Delose Conner, Snow Horse District
Janice Conner, Snow Horse District
C. Dale Cottrell, Golden Spike District
Robert S. Dalton, Francis Peak District
R. Merlin Deschamps, Mountain View District
Richard A. Eggli, Golden Spike District
A. Kirk Francis, Arrowhead District
Joel Frederiksen, Lakeview District
Nancy B. Fuller, Golden Spike District
James Goddard, Arrowhead District
Carol Gotti, Snow Horse District
Stephen Griffin, Old Juniper District
M.Joseph Hall, Wyoming Trails District
Don A. Hampton, Franklin District
Ben Hansen, Wyoming Trails District
Cordell Henrie, Old Ephraim District
Shelly Holt, Franklin District
Deon Hunsaker, Old Juniper District
V. Seth Jensen, Lakeview District
Audrey Jessen, Jim Bridger District
Kent Johnson, Weber View District
Jeffrey Jorgensen, Old Juniper District
Richard Keisker, Elk Horn District
Derek E. Lamb, Snow Horse District
C. Russell Lawrence Jr., Mountain View District
Martha Lawson, Golden Spike District
Steven L. Marker, Mountain View District
Marva Mason, Golden Spike District
D. McKay McIntosh, Snow Horse District
Michael Medsker, Mountain View District
Chad Merrell, Golden Spike District
V. Harvey Mortensen, Francis Peak District
William Neu Jr., Wyoming Trails District
Joseph Osborne, Bonneville Shores District
Gary Pack, Snow Horse District
Mary Ann Packer, Bird Haven District
Richard Pfaff, Mount Ogden District
Alan Phister, Lakeview District
M. Shaun Ross, Francis Peak District
Darrell K. Ross, Golden Spike District
Robert L. Schuessler, Mountain View Distirct
Susan Thompson, Bird Haven District
Lonnie G. Thorpe, Lakeview District
Alan Thurgood, Arrowhead District
A. Val Tyler, Jim Bridger District
Heather Wells, Bird Haven District
Layne Wilding, Golden Spike District