Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2009 Klondike Derby Report for the Weber View District and Lakeview District


The Scouts of the Lakeview District spent a fun-filled weekend at Camp Fife on February 6-7.

Friday afternoon provided plenty of sunshine for the Scouts arriving. The clear sky Friday night brought colder temperatures and a star filled night sky. By Late Friday night there was no place to park a four wheeled carriage and its tow except along the road. Abundant campfires lit the night sky as numerous youth gathered around them. The laughter of the boys soon gave way to wooing of the owls and calls of coyotes.

Saturday morning brought rekindled fires accompanied with the aroma of good camp food. At 9:00 AM, the Scouts gathered around the flagpole for the raising of the colors and commencement of the games. The games were run by co-ed Venture Crew 17 and Crew 191. The games tested both skill and stamina as a north wind increased its intensity. Despite the bitter cold, the scouts pulled their sleds to each station, starting fires, signaling, practicing first aid and many other skills. Occasionally their sled would disappear when a claim jumper took off with it. Once the troop caught up with the claim jumper the troop answered several questions posed and the sled was returned.

As scouts returned home mothers throughout the district found satisfaction in knowing their young scout would sleep soundly that night.

Weber View

The Scouts of the Weber View District had a wonderful time at North Fork Park, the site of the 2009 district Klondike Derby. Nearly 450 Scouts and leaders took part in what was a great activity. Special thanks to District Camping Chairman Scott Hinrichs and all the volunteer staff that helped put together the activities.

Friday evening was nearly perfect as the sun set and the troops began to arrive. Many troops went up during the week and dug out their snow caves, so it was just a matter of carrying all the gear to the camp site and cooking dinner.

After a cool night of rest, the morning was bright with sunshine. As the activities started the cloud cover came over, but would not to stop the fun. Events such as the lumberjack challenge, survival fire building, blindfold target touch, were just a few that kept the Scouts busy.

The scores were turned in. . .and the winning troops will be announced at March Roundtable. Leaders, plan on being there to collect the awards.