Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Beginnings of the New Camp Hunt

Thanks to a large donation by TIFIE Humanitarian the scenes around Camp Hunt are beginning to look better and better with each passing day. The addition of 4 new sail boats, 2 new powerboats, new docks, and a new nature center have improved an already strong program. Inside the lodge the bathrooms have been completely redone, and the kitchen has a new convection oven, and tilt skillet to go along with a new tile floor. The outside of the lodge has also received a face lift with the lower third of the building finally getting the rock finish it deserved. New stairs will dress the backside of the building and a new entry way will be added to the front that will be ADA compliant. New green roofing has been put on all of the building and a new lawn has been added to the flag ceremony area. A new First Aid building has been completed and old cabin has been completely restored to look like new. A new fence will dress up the camp and new trees and shrubs will be planted to spruce up the camp.

The biggest improvements to Camp Hunt will be the addition of the new boathouse. This will be a two story building with living quarters on the upper level and boat storage and a work shop on the lower level. A look out tower will be added to the north end of the building and a covered deck will face Bear Lake. A new shower and bathroom building will be built at the north end of camp in the center of all the campsites and a second shower and bathroom will be built on the south end of camp for our High Adventure participants.

New lawn at the Flag Ceremony Field

Restored Cabin
New First Aid Building

Rock Finish on Lodge

Come see the new Camp Hunt. It will blow you away.

More pictures to come as work progresses.


Maren said...

It looks AMAZING!! Congratulations and good job!

Bart said...

These improvements will go a long way to making a good camp a great one. Thanks to all being a part of this. It will be much appreciated for years to come.